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Thanks for visiting our campaign website and for your interest in my candidacy.


My name is Paul Siker and I am running for the Virginia General Assembly House of Delegates 33rd District seat. The 33rd District includes most of Western Loudoun County, as well as portions of Clarke County and Eastern Frederick County.


I am a 33-year resident of Loudoun County, the past 26 years have been spent in the Waterford area. I feel blessed to call this region of Virginia home. The area's rich history, blend of rural and residential settings, cultural amenities, outstanding schools, diverse economic base, and proximity to our nation's Capitol offer an enviable blend of features that simply aren't available in most other places.


But the qualities and attributes that have come to define what makes the 33rd District special are fragile and require advocacy and engaged leadership, which for too long have been sorely lacking. I hope you will take the time to learn about me, the results I intend to achieve and how our district has arrived at an inflection point, where it truly is time for a change.


Thanks again for your interest. I look forward to earning your support, and I won't let you down!


Good Governance Requires Good Judgement.


Rural Economy

Our district’s agri-business and agri-tourism enterprises contribute to a vibrant rural economy. As Delegate, I hope to partner with rural entrepreneurs, business owners, and others in the Agri-X sector to streamline and tune policies that serve to thoughtfully support the business community while being respectful of our area’s rural dynamic.


Conservation and Preservation

The 33rd District is steeped in American history. In fact, I run on the same rural road that a company of British Troops under General Edward Braddock marched down in 1755, and that Civil War soldiers from both the North & South traversed in the 1860’s. I will fight to protect and preserve the rural beauty, historic villages, and other unique features of Loudoun, Clarke, and Frederick counties.


Rural Broadband

Access to affordable high-speed internet is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity. While progress has been made to provide internet access to a broader cross section of residents, I will advocate for local government getting additional funding to address “last mile” of service obstacles and end the digital divide.


Renewable Energy

We have a moral obligation to protect our environment while assuring that our children can reside in a world not decimated by climate change. Investment in renewable energy solutions will yield quality jobs, reduced carbon emissions, and lower energy costs. As Delegate, I will support initiatives that accelerate modernizing generation, transmission, and other aspects of our electrical grid. Virginia should continue to be a leader when it comes to transitioning to clean energy solutions.



Assuring the health and well-being of citizens in our district will always be a priority. I come from a medical family, have previously worked in clinical settings, and will strive to enhance healthcare accessibility across the 33rd district and the Commonwealth, particularly in rural areas.


Law Enforcement & Public Safety

I believe that Law Enforcement agencies need more funding, not defunding. Additional resources will help secure the best possible staff, provide enhanced training opportunities, and more capably address the spectrum of challenges and demands associated with contemporary policing.


Community Forums
Residents within the 33rd District deserve to have regular opportunities to meet and engage their representative. I will establish monthly community forums so that I can directly and regularly communicate with constituents, better understand their priorities, and provide status updates from Richmond.

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